The seemingly endless squabbling and bitching and nitpicking over every single item, no matter how big or small continues. BTW, has anyone noticed that this upcoming AC is only going to be three measly races? All this wrangling and arguing and positioning, and the end result is three races? Pathetic. Oh and take a look at this particular piece of bullshit from today. JFC, does it ever end???Thanks to the Sex Pistols for the title inspiration. Here’s GGYC recent list of particulars…

The Golden Gate Yacht Club and BMW
Oracle Racing intends to meet with Société Nautique de Genève as soon as
possible in an attempt to remove the question mark hanging over the legality
of Alinghi’s yacht they will use to defend the forthcoming 33rd America’s Cup.
Foremost is the nationality clause in the America’s Cup Deed of Gift
document which governs the event and requires the yachts of the Challenger
of Record and the Defender to be constructed in the country of the yacht club
they represent (“CIC”).

Last week SNG was informed by GGYC of the obvious illegality of its yacht’s
USA-built sails. Yesterday SNG responded and agreed to meet on the matter. “With racing scheduled to start in Valencia in just six weeks, we want this
serious issue dealt with before the boats come to the starting line,” said
GGYC spokesman Tom Ehman.
The 33rd Match starts in Valencia, Spain, on February 8th. Read more.