Southern Ocean Belle


Southern Ocean Belle

After colliding with a freighter while asleep and with major controversy surrounding her departure from Australia more than two months ago, Jessica Watson’s "youngest around the world" looked a bit doomed.  But 8000 miles, dozens of video updates, and at least one up-the-mast trip later, round-the-world sailing’s answer to an Olsen Twin has changed hearts and minds, and just in time for her dive past 50 degrees South and a Cape Horn rounding.

She’s building her audience as well – this short clip from Christmas received almost 35,000 views on YouTube in just three days and her blog comments generate hundreds of comments – for this sport, that’s Star Power, and it will likely only improve from here.  She’s cute, earthy, seems much older than her 16 years, and her success at shutting up the overprotective with honest sailing skills, she’s SA’s Sailor Chick of the Week.  This kid is as good an ambassador as any to show that sailing isn’t just for privileged old white men – it’s for privileged young white girls too. And the solo dude just a few days behind her shows that it is also for privileged young Indian Navy officers…

We wish Jess a great New Year and an uneventful rounding of the tip of South America.  Anyone know what the age of consent is in the Southern Ocean?  Joking…Check out Jessica’s blog here. Still think she’s not gonna make it? Though she does look a bit on edge, doesn’t she? Comments here.