Classe 950-2

follow up

Classe 950-2

I’m writing in response to your post on the Classe 950. My anarchist name is “Charles B” and I’m responsible for the design of the FoX 950 that was launched about 18 months ago. This was the second 950 design to hit the water and was built in Sweden for a German owner. The boat is now sailing and racing between the North Sea and the Baltic. The crew is thrilled by the boat and its performances and who cares if IRC doesn’t like it, what matters is that they have fun. And for sure, they are having fun! The amazing thing with this type of design is their ability to reach thrilling speeds with absolute minimum effort. Thanks to the power of the hull and deep keel, it is possible to make the best use of a generous sail plan (80 sqm) and control is never a problem with the twin rudders. Not bad inside, either.

If some anarchists are interested into this kind of boats (and I’m sure there are some), there is some tooling available in Sweden or alternatively we have plenty of ideas to make an MKII version even better…! So feel free to get in touch.


Charles Bertrand