Musical Chairs


Musical Chairs

En-route to spainRound and around and around they go, and what the fuck is going on in Valencia and Geneva, nobody knows. Everybody is friends, smiling after "fruitful" meetings and singing Kumbaya. They’re agreeing on a February 12th start date, but there’s no agreement and…we’re racing on the 8th. But they agree, it’s just that no one had the authority to agree. It’s best of 7 races, no, 5 – or just a Deed of Gift 3…and Valencia is making sure there’s a broadcast…no, SNG is controlling media…no, nobody’s controlling anything. Will anyone be able to organize a Match that will be worth seeing, or capable of being seen? If a mast falls in a forest and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?

We do know that both boats are packed up and enroute to Spain; the US tri on a ship headed for Panama and the Swiss cat on a barge for Dubai and then shipped to Europe. But they’re not going to the same place – BMW will be based across the harbor on a commercial dock for ease of handling, and will only be seen in the Darsena – weather permitting – for a ceremony or Across the Harbormaybe her christening. The soft-sailed Alinghi cat will be based on Bertarelli’s existing spot, though twice the size with the addition and conversion of a neighboring base, which is going on right now at a rapid pace (Thanks to "malvarossa beach" for the story and pic and BMW for the other pic).

It’s good to see some movement, but every extra day without certainty on the fundamental issues – starting date and number of races – will make it harder for the teams and Valencienne government to keep things from going chicken-winged. If SNG does not come to an agreement with Valencia, or even another nearby port that could provide a base for a race in the waters adjacent to Valencia, it is growing more and more likely that everything around the running of the 33rd Cup will be…anarchy!

I suppose it would be appropriate, considering.