Bad Teacher?

Bad Teacher?

Most of you are digging the Teachable Moment articles, but not this dude. The series will continue tomorrow.

As a father of 3 for 20 years, a sailor of 40 years and a boat owner (racing and cruising) of 10 years, I found the "Teachable Moments" article a bit disturbing. Specifically;

  1. Go into a bar and teach your girls that drinking can make you an "jerk". So far so good…
  2. Fix a key-way with tape. Ugh…with precious cargo aboard and with rocks about it is important to not only know where the key-way is, but also how to fix it properly so to avoid another occurrence in a much tighter (and inevitably more dangerous) situation. Not so good.
  3. Discuss your drinking exploits (in seeming detail) with your adolescent daughters. Far be it from me to judge on drunken silliness, but whether or not what is said on the boat stays on the boat, kids do not need to know the details of Dad’s (or Mom’s) seamier side. Perhaps we should review the first teachable moment. Kids can put two and two together. More not so good.
  4. The key-way goes again. The tape solution again. Precious cargo, rocks and taped key-ways do not mix. Really not good.
  5. More drunken stories told to these young impressionable minds that consist of vandalism, boat theft, poor judgment, fighting and drunken driving. Wow. Incredibly not good.

Maybe its me, but in my opinion sometimes some things are better left un-taught between a Fathers and their impressionable 12 year old daughters.