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Anti Freeze

Whilst you Northern Hemisphere guys are freezing your nuts off, in Cape Town we are busy sailing the annual Crocs Fun Regatta with a fleet of around 35 entries. Winds have been unbelievable this past weekend with racing cancelled on Sunday when the Cape Doctor (local South East wind) reached speeds of close to 80 knots. (No kidding!)

On Saturday two races were completed, the first in 30 knots and the second one in 40 knots, but with few finishers in race 2. We also threw in the towel shortly after the start.  The regatta finishes tomorrow (Dec 16th) with another two races, when much gentler winds are forecast.

Attached is a pic of us in our Pacer 27 Sport “Regent Express” at 18 knots off the wind. Photo by Trevor Wilkins.

Trygve Roberts
Royal Cape Yacht Club
Cape Town