Set Your Mark

Set Your Mark

The irreplaceable ‘Gouvernail’ reminds us to set our goals for the next year.

The following actually happened to me at the Laser masters Worlds. Somehow I gotta figure out the fine art of consistency without losing the occasional victory in the process.  Here’s what I generally don’t want to do anymore:

We had a race in a Northeast wind against a Northeast shore. I live on a small lake so I was totally in my element…except for being 235 in light wind.

I saw the wind go left and right enough times before the start to trust when it would go left. I went to the pin while the right was still favored and escaped across the front of the fleet in the left shift that hit the pin end about thirty seconds before the start..

Then in my glee about port crossing a starting fleet at a worlds I totally focused on boat speed, went too damn far toward the right and sat in the dead zone between the winds while boats from the pin who had crossed behind me sailed off and boats who had tacked at the boat enjoyed the new filling right breeze.

I was DFL at the weather mark….everybody else was around the offset mark.

At the leeward mark, I saw the left coming again and sailed around the fleet crossed two thirds of them sailing back toward the right, grabbed the right shift and the lead at the second weather mark.

At 235 I was slow as hell and I got passed by a bunch of sailors downwind but found the last quick rightie on the last short beat, literally passed guys who were 80 yards ahead of me but near the pin when I had 100 yards to go, reached across at the boat and got back to third.

If I had somehow kept my head out of the boat and continued studying the incoming breezes, I may have extended the lead instead of watching helplessly as everybody else sailed by.  If this sort of shit were not a regular occurrence on every boat where I play tactician, I would think luck had something to do with it.

Maybe it’s A.D.D and Ritalin is in my 2010 plans.  Or just a frikking lobotomy.   Or maybe something else is a factor but somehow I am not doing the race – stop- race- stop. cuss in 2010.

My 2010 goal? Sail consistently.

Post your goal for 2010