Weights and Measures

Weights and Measures

The International Melges 24 Class is discussing a major change to the "purge and binge" that goes on before major M24 events.  The current system, which weighs teams at registration, has encouraged sailors to lose weight right before the event through dehydration, which allows teams to gain a lot of water weight – and righting moment – after they step off the scale.

An unfortunate side effect of the rule is that practice days are often conducted during these dehydration marathons – we’ve seen crews wearing full foulies in 85 degree sun trying to sweat off their final few pounds – and there’s no way that is healthy.  We hear that the Class is also concerned about sailors in poor condition before a regatta getting into a serious accident while driving a car or bike.

Question – is the alternative better?  The proposed alternative mirrors the rule in the TP52 class, and is similar to that used in the Star class – daily weigh-ins of the top boats and a random sample of others – with penalties up to DSQ for all races that day depending on the egregiousness of the amount by which the team is overweight.

Whether you like the existing or proposed rule, or have an alternative of your own to offer, the US Class is asking members to weigh-in with their thoughts here.  Each of the other national class associations that makes up the International Melges 24 Class is asking their members the same set of questions.