Pod Redux

Pod Redux

The Etchells continue to see smaller fleets for the Jaguar Cup than years past, though the series is considered to be one of the best slow-boat series anywhere, both in conditions and in competition.  SA’er "Dixie" writes that the Jaguar fleet may be on a down cycle until after the San Diego Worlds in 2011, but a nonexistent media effort and pathetic website presence can’t be helping the Jaguar organizer’s cause – nor can the appearance of the newest competitor in the classic class; our old friend John Podmajerky.  Still the only man we’ve known to sue a Yacht Club and a pile of his own crew in order to get his name on a handicap racing trophy.  It’s too bad the former boat of tell-it-like-it-is legend, the late Robert Wray, has to see this asshat on its tiller.  Here’s a good little summary from Etchellite "Dixie:"

We had a great day of racing on Saturday – we thought there’d be 20 knots and  when we woke up, some news channels were showing the death tolls from tornadoes because there was a slight chance of them too.  It turned out to be around 13 all day and super cloudy – gorgeous conditions. First race we had three starts, with the third under Black Flag, with two boats BFD’d out (I think – haven’t taken a long look at the results yet). We had a decent race up until the last half of the last leg when we made a couple of dumbass jibes (my fault) to try to clear our air and ended up losing to those boats including POD. Marvin Beckman with neat old-salt whitbread racer Kurt Oetking won that one.

The 2nd race we were over early and after restarting, were able to pass about 15 boats. Finally by our last race we figured things out and got a 10th. So we were 18th overall going into today. But the wind was flukey and we didn’t get to race after sitting out in the bay for almost 3 hours trying to. All amateur team Peter Vessella from SF with John Callahan & Tracy Usher won with a 2-3-2. Beckman got a 2nd.

And a follow-up from ‘Le Renard Subtil’:

The courses were relatively short by class standards- the first weather leg was 1.3 NM, and was shortened for the second beat to around a mile. This was done to get our 3 races in before the squalls hit that afternoon. As a result, the fleet of close to 50 boats was very tightly packed- I think first to last in each race was no more than 90 seconds to 2 minutes. The boats that were in the top 5 either were going very fast and were clear of the pack (like Vessela) or were going pretty fast but were smart enough to manage the crowds at the corners to their advantage (like Hardesty).

Also, for the first time in living memory, our PRO chose to do a couple of general recalls rather that try to call 20 bow numbers OCS. A marked improvement.

Results hereThread here.