Eternal Optimist

Eternal Optimist

The Mothies cheekily say that having a blog is a requirement of joining the foiler frenzy nowadays, and we want to give a big welcome to new blogger and foiling chick Katherine Knight.  Despite being tied to UK Moth star Adam May this chick is not part of the WAG squad; she’s got her own moth, and as you’ll see from the stunt below, she fits right in to the "why not try it?" ethos that pervades the class of ultimate tinkerers.

"An Oppie… on foils…many people have said it is impossible, (or at least those that saw me launching her into a cold and blustery December morning did). But this is a story of faith and belief."

Despite the doubters, I believed; believed that plugging my Moth hydrofoils into an Oppie would make her fly; believed that once the rowlocks had been removed an old wooden Oppie that was destined for life as a tender would be the vessel to achieve this feat; believed that somehow she would push her aerodynamic bath-tub form through the water to a sufficient speed for take off.  Was my faith misplaced?"

See how her Optimist Foiler attempt ended here.