Mumm’s the Word


Mumm’s the Word

In a move that’s been in the works for a long, long time, Stagg Yachts has finally been ousted by the Farr 30/Mumm 30 Class as its manager.  Mumm owners have been unhappy with Stagg for years and the fight to regain control of their own operations wasn’t an easy one, but the sorry state of the US fleet combined with new European direction (now that the Tour De France a la Voile is moving to a new design) required the kind of change that couldn’t happen under Staggy’s iron fist.

The International Class is led by our newest Sailor Chick of the Week: President, anarchist, and all-around great chick Deneen Demourkas, who gets the award for her hard work in bringing this class back to glory.   She and her group have a tough hill to climb in today’s market, but they’ve got one very big advantage over most other classes:  A boat that is regarded by its owners and crew – current and former- as one of the best ever designed.  With a number of used boats on the market and a huge pile of unused and underused copies out there, we hope to see some good Farr 30 action growing on a waterway near you.

Here’s the letter that Deneen sent out to the entire class last month, and here’s all the gossip from the class over the past couple of years, including hints and clues of the move that finally just happened.  We’ll have an Innerview with Deneen soon.