Lights! Cameras! Action?


Lights! Cameras! Action?

So last week jfunk told you that Our Sport Is Stupid, and on the heels of that, came up with an outline for a script for a sailing movie. Here’s a rough treatment…

Open with kid 10 – 12 years old working hard in a dinghy, throwing tacks etc. etc. Watched over by coach in his 40’s – 50’s.

Coach is being filmed and interviewed as he watches kid. Coach is some sort of legend, he is explaining to TV crew what sailing is all about. The skills the tactics, why people do it – (explain it early so people can watch for it in the movie).

See kid mucking around with his best mate – a girl.

Kid in mid teens, has talent goes to junior worlds, nice down to earth bloke, average family, comes up against some spoilt rich international prick kid who has it all. Latest gear, coach boat…The two of them go on to dominate the regatta. Rich kid wins with a cheating signal from the coach boat. Only the hero kid sees it.

Early 20’s hero still best mates with chick, doesn’t see she loves him. He hooks up with slick slightly smarmy but hot chick. Goes to Olympics again runs into rich kid. Again they dominate. Medal race, we see rich prick substitute heros centreboard the night before. Board snaps in the medal race. Hero gets silver, rich prick gold.

Our coach from beginning still hero’s coach, finds board, see’s it’s weak, works out who’s done it, pulls him aside and hits rich prick with Elvstrom quote about winning with respect.

Hero’s girl dumps him for rich prick. Develops wicked coke habit, appears in adult video, Amateur Angels, Part V.

Montage of next few years of sailing….

America’s Cup, rich prick skipper of defender, hero skipper of the challenger. Dirty tricks occur throughout challenger series. Coach gets killed as a result. Hero loses it. Best friend girl pulls him together, he realises his love for her and who is to blame for coaches death. Calls in police, shows them what has occurred, police investigate as finals go on.

Hero destroys rich prick every start, no mercy, wins 4 nil.

As they sail in, police arrest rich prick. Girl jumps in hero’s arms, dedicates the win to the coach, Checks into rehab. Last seen sexting Tiger Woods…

Fade to black.