big pimpin’


From our brand new advertiser Nautic Expo

Fed up waiting for the next boat show?
Want to stay informed of all the latest nautical news?

NauticExpo.com is made for you. By showing all the main manufacturers of nautical products under one roof we attract more than 1,5 million visitors a month. In fact we’re just like a real boat show – only permanently accessible worldwide and in 5 languages. Monohulls, catamarans, trimarans, riggings, marine hardware, sailing clothing, sailing dinghies, sport multihulls, windsurfing, kitesurfing, wetsuits – nothing is forgotten! All the passion and excitement of the nautical world on your PC.

NauticExpo.com is packed with photos of each product, making navigation both easy and interesting. Want to contact manufacturers of 8 to 10 m regatta keels ? The site’s search engine will immediately give you a list of all manufacturers. With a single click you can have access to a complete range of products with detailed information. If you are particularly interested in a product you can ask for a brochure or a quote online, or simply click through to your chosen brand’s site.

A few months ago, NauticExpo launched a major new service, allowing marine enthusiasts and professionals to check out company information, marine equipment and the latest boats on the market using video presentations. There are already over 1,500 videos online.

Happy sailing!