Fix It Anarchy

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Fix It Anarchy

From our friends at West System…

In a sailor’s lifetime the odds of breaking something on a boat is right up there with death and taxes. Meade and Jan Gougeon have made living building, racing, breaking and fixing all forms of sail powered crafts. Jan Gougeon describes the perfect race boat as the one that is light, stiff, rockets around the course and finally disintegrates as it crosses the finish line — anything else is overbuilt and subsequently too heavy.

The Gougeons, along with a talented crew of shareholding employees, have worked hard to build WEST SYSTEM Epoxy into the company it is today. This year we celebrated our 40th year in business. We attribute this longevity to the high-quality, innovation-driven products we offer, and to our and our unwavering commitment to customer technical support.

Sailing Anarchy brings sailing minds together from all over the world, giving the community a way to share and debate, all aspects of sailing and beyond. When the Ed approached us sponsor a Sailing Anarchy forum dedicated to building, fixing and restoring boats, we responded with a resounding “Hell yeah!” And Fix It Anarchy was born!

Anarchists Epoxymoron and Vegas are Technical Advisors for WEST SYSTEM and will chime-in in normal anarchist fashion on epoxy composite discussions. We know epoxy, wood and composite construction and as active anarchists, we will be part of the forum banter. But this is not our forum to preach the gospel of epoxy; this is your forum! So for all you riggers, glassers, painters, sparkers, sailmakers, designers and builders out there we humbly present Fix It Anarchy brought to you by WEST SYSTEM epoxy.