Wind To Win

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Wind To Win

http://www.windtowin.com/From the newest member of our advertising community.

The Canaries Tourism office has started a world wide campaign to support and sponsor the Islas Canarias RC 44 sailing team on their Sea Dubai RC44 Gold Cup regatta.

Under the motto “Wind To Win”, the Islas Canarias RC44 sailing team invites the enthusiasts to support their favorite team and prove that they who have the best fans, have the best wind.

It’s a Virtual Regatta between fans that support their teams by blowing air directly from their lungs to the computer. The website were the regatta is (www.windto win.com) will translate this air into wind knots and make the boats move.

By playing on www.windtowin.com people will be able to win a trip with the Islas Canarias Sailing team to one of their international races.

While the Sea Dubai RC 44 Gold Cup is happening, the wind generated will activate some huge fans which are located in the port of Dubai, where a huge screen will show the support messages that fans will leave on the website. This way, the teams will be able to literally feel and see the support that their fans have sent directly from their homes. And fans will be able to feel that they are not only on the virtual world but also on the real regatta.

Dare to see if your lungs are still those of a 20 years old boy or if the snuff left you in retirement! I blew like a tornado!

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