Update: Sadly this mystery has been solved. We are sad to announce that indeed the rumors are true – according to multiple sources, Marian Martin passed away from a heart attack on the morning of November 18. According to cathy from BYM,"When Aldous took Marian her morning cup of tea he found her lying on her side with a book in her hand as if she had fallen asleep reading."

Not many things really bother us but this truly does. She was a huge supporter of SA and we enjoyed many e-mail (and a couple actual) conversations on a number of topics. She contributed untold amounts of news for us and of course most of you know her via the forums.

Smart, fiesty, she was truly wonderful woman who leaves our world an emptier place and one whowe are going to miss immensely. Sail on, Marian. We’ll have more tonight.

Most of you are familiar with Marian Martin, she of BYM News. Marian has been a steady contributor and supporter of SA for years, and those who read our AC Anarchy forum know of her strong AC opinions. In fact we traded e-mails with her just yesterday.

So it came as a shock when we were alerted to this story (which we translated to English) from the Italian sailing site FareVella (story is on the left index):

Rome – Bereavement in the world of sailing anywhere. Died suddenly this morning, Marian Martin, editor and curator with the husband of the famous site of international news on sailing and boating BYM News. Those who attended the international regattas had definitely noticed, an old lady always at the computer in the press room, for a constantly updated website"

We have spent the better part of the day trying to verify the story and have come up with nothing – neither confirmation nor denial and it has us absolutely mystified. We of course are hoping that it is false, but would like to ask anyone who knows anything to either post in this thread or drop us an e-mail.