Imitation Is Flattery

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Imitation Is Flattery

We like to throw all opinions at you, no matter how wacky or insane. Enjoy.

Thank You Mr. Non-Sailing, Helmet Head, Desk Jockey, Girlie Boy, Litigator
By Someone Other Than Peter Piper, the Crazed Indian, or other Kool-Aid drinking BMWOrican

The sport of sailing has put on the global map like never before with the launching of the giant multihulls from BMWO and Alinghi. Without Mr. Helmet Head, Desk Jockey, Litigator’s drive – after continued failure after failure on the water – to buy, litigate, anything but actually race – this never would have happened.

Mr. Litigator, you have taken the sport to both lowest depths ever, and now ironically you are also completely responsible for taking it the highest level ever. These pieces of massive technology transcends sailing, and Ernesto will now have what you crave so much. You might still buy or litigate your way to holding an America’s Cup that you could never win on the water without twisting and turning the Deed to your advantage. But, unless you grow a set and display some passion for the sport you will let Ernesto beat you to the punch with something the world has never seen before. The world may not remember who wins the 33rd America’s Cup, but real sailors – real lovers of the sport are always going to forever remember Ernesto from day 1 taking – and keeping – the helm of his own boat while you hid under your desk, helmet on your head, calling for more lawyers, too scared and incompetent to skipper his own wonderful creation. Just as was said to the Queen, what a wuss. I have seen both these boats up close and watched them slice through the water. They are as amazing to any sailor as you are pathetic excuse of a sailor.

Mr. Litigator, you (finally) gave a CHR (or did you?), but you gave junior sailors something even bigger. Your actions gave everyone who loves to sail – everyone and anyone that can still draw breath and knows how to sail, who would look at these amazing boats and give up their first born to take the helm and have that experience – proof positive that money can’t buy class and it can’t buy passion for the sport. People around the world watched you hide behind your desk, girlie-boy brain bucket firmly in place and buy and litigate into the finals, excluding all others (something you have never been able to do on the water) and steal the defenders right to select the venue, to choose the rules, etc… You have successfully navigated the courts in ways you never could or will on the water.

Mr. Litigator, thanks so much for creating the path that will for Ernesto and the dedicated teams members and supporters of Alinghi capture the attention of the world and highlight the difference between a passionate helmet head, desk jockey, girlie boy litigator and the passion of a true sailor like Ernesto. Every great story needs a hero and a villain. The only question remains: how much longer are you willing to be the villain? What you want is simple, the same thing everyone wants: respect. But you can’t buy or litigate your way to that little man. Even for all the losing records on the water you have brought to the sport, it’s never too late to change. But to do so you must get out from under your desk and behind your lawyers and actually sail! Giving in to fear is not giving up. We don’t want to disrespect you, we want to like you, but you make that impossible. Look in the mirror, say “thank you” to yourself for building an amazing boat, throw off the helmet, grow a pair, and go skipper your own boat! Who knows, you might even win, but if you don’t, a last second display of passion and ability for sailing will go along way to repair your image and regain some respect. But for now, Thank You for the actions that led to the greatest pieces of sailing kit ever.

In closing, while you may need a brain bucket Mr. Non-Sailing, Helmet Head, Desk Jockey, Girlie Boy, Litigator, you certainly don’t need a cup; unless you find a way to grow a set and find the passion to go sail one of the two most amazing boats in the planet. – GMT.