G Bomb


G Bomb

The fireball that is Genny Tulloch did what has been virtually impossible for anyone to do to Anna Tunnicliffe since the Olympics ended – she beat her, and with the ink on Anna’s ISAF award barely dry!  Despite Tunnicliffe’s perfect match racing record since the beginning of the year, and a nearly unbeaten record going into the finals of the US Women’s Match Race Champs, Genny and her team of Chafee Emory, Elizabeth Hall, and Alana O’Reilly, beat Tunnicliffe’s more experienced team soundly 3-1 to take the title in light air last weekend in St. Thomas.  Genny is our Sailor Chick of the Week, shown here at last month’s Melges 24 Worlds, and her victory in the Virgin Islands sends a message to Tunnicliffe that winning the right to be the first-ever US woman to match race for an Olympic medal ain’t gonna be a walk in the park.  Here’s a report from White Wave on the pin boat:

"Tunnicliffe was down 2-1 and had a must win situation on her hands.  The umps gave Tulloch a penalty in the prestart, which she carried til the end of the race….

Tunnicliffe led around the last windward mark, jibed onto starboard, and in the light air heated it up a bit with Tulloch close astern. As the Wind backed on the run, Tulloch soaked to the mark a bit more and at the layline for the finish Tunnicliffe jibed herself onto port.  Genny heated it up, still on starboard, and stating the obvious, "Starboard" she threw here flag right as Anna crash-gybed back to starboard.  Anna got the penalty, negating Tulloch’s own, and Genny gybed onto port and led to the favored pin end of the line. It was a classic ending to a great regatta – wow, these are some great sailors!"

Photo by Meredith Block