Who’s Yer Daddy?

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Who’s Yer Daddy?

Sitting in the airport bar again, nursing a Ketel on the rocks, I just got a call from our driver yesterday. Remember I mentioned that chartered RIB that the Alinghi spy team had?

Well, most of you saw that video of us outrunning them to the dock, and you also might’ve seen them slow way down as we passed them. We assumed they’d had enough bashing and just throttled back, but we should’ve turned around to check on them – because we’d have had the pleasurable experience of towing their limp asses home to the dock. It turns out that the chartered Swiss Miss was not up to the US-built steel pipe that we laid on them, and their high-speed run actually spun the prop off the back of the boat! Let me say that again: Alinghi broke their boat racing Anarchy to the dock! I’m not sure who towed them in or if they called Boat US or whatever, but despite my fever, I am smiling like a kid who just found a 20-dollar bill.

Bertarelli may not have let us enter the America’s Cup as a challenger, but Anarchy Challenge finally got the chance to face Alinghi ON THE WATER, and we bent his team over and made them our bitches. Who’s your daddy, Ernesto? We know you have a comment….