Thank You Erne$to

Thank You Erne$to

By Peter Huston

The sport of sailing was put on the global map like never before on Tuesday with the launching of the wing on “USA”.  Without Larry Ellison’s drive to have fair rules in the America’s Cup this never would have happened.

But the guy who caused all this to happen is Erne$to Bertarelli.  Erne$to, you have taken the sport to both lowest depths ever, and now ironically you are also completely responsible for taking it the highest level ever.  This piece of massive technology transcends sailing, and Larry Ellison will now have what you crave so much.  You might still win the race, if in fact you can stop playing games, and losing, in Court, and that we actually do have a race, a race where the result isn’t appealed.  But, unless you have a wing waiting, Larry beat you to the punch with something the world has never seen before.   The world may not remember who wins the 33rd America’s Cup, but they are always going to remember Larry Ellison for the wing.  Just was said to the Queen, there is no second.

Erne$to, you (finally) gave Valencia the Match this week (or did you?), but you gave San Diego something even bigger.  Your actions caused San Diego to be put on the world stage once more with the unveiling of the wing.  People around the world watched the show break wide open in the Sailing Anarchy forum, then morph into the live feed from Fox: you probably watched too.  The City of San Diego, and the State of California thank you for helping to showcase San Diego on another picture perfect day.

Erne$to, thanks so much for creating the path for Larry Ellison and the dedicated teams members and supporters of BMW Oracle to capture the attention of the world.  Every great story needs a hero and a villain.  The only question remains:  how much longer are you willing to be the villain?   What you want is simple, the same thing everyone wants: respect.   Even for all the shame you have brought to the sport since July of 2007, it’s never too late to change.  Giving in to reason is not giving up.  We don’t want to disrespect you, we want to like you, but you make that impossible.   Look in the mirror, say “thank you” to yourself, pick up the phone, call Larry, end all the litigation, and get on the with the race.  Who knows, you might even win, but if you don’t, a last second gesture of conciliation will go along way to repair your image and regain some respect.  But for now, Thank You for the actions that led to the greatest piece of sailing kit ever.