Just when you thought Alinghi couldn’t look any more desperate and sad, today they released two new bits of garbage that reveal that they may finally have gone over the edge.

The first was a letter to NYSC judge Shirly Kornreich, in which Jedi lawyer Barry Ostrager writes that "SNG believes that the 33rd America’s Cup must be decided, in February 2010, on the water rather than in the courts of New York State," in Valencia.  Bertarelli and his minions are actually arrogant enough to take the bitch-slapping they’ve received at every level of litigation and pretend that somehow, it was their idea to go sailing in Spain in February.  It had nothing to do with the court destroying every one of their worthless arguments.  And of course it had nothing to do with the empaneled experts today telling the court that SNG’s lawyer had pretty much lied through his teeth when he claimed that racing in the Mediterranean winter was dangerous?  Of course not – that would be unethical!

The second garbage-laden bombshell dropped by SNG was the Notice of Race for the 33rd America’s Cup.  This shitter is already getting plenty of analysis in the always-on America’s Cup Anarchy forum, but the most laughable part of it are the unprecedented new limits on wind speed (15 knots max) and wave state (1 metre max) for racing.  Call us crazy, but since when is there a wind speed limit in the Deed of Gift?  Maybe they got this somewhere else – was SNG’s annual regatta called off in 20 knots of breeze?  These boats will certainly be a handfull in 15 knots of wind, but we’re pretty sure there’s simply no way that Bertarelli’s henchmen can enforce such a limit under either the Deed or his club’s rules. It’s probably a good thing, since that move would require him to wear the name "pussy" forever to go along with "douchebag," which he wears so proudly.

Even Butterworth got into the mix, commenting on Monday’s negotiations with BMW/Oracle to ostensibly hold an Australian AC.  Bertarelli’s large, round lapdog stated that "this time [BMW’s] priority was to delay the race because they are not ready. Originally they pushed for February when it was to their advantage; now they have to live with their choice of date. I think I speak for the community when I say we want the Cup sorted out as soon as possible on the water.”

With SNG-initiated appeals of the venue, date, and measurement orders still pending from SNG, what the hell is he talking about? Is Butterworth’s head so far up Bertarelli’s ass that he’s gone completely blind?

Time will tell.  And there ain’t a lot of it left.