Go Your Own Way

Go Your Own Way

Every year, the first week of November there is an amazing race held in

Harlingen, the Netherlands..

Its called "De slag in de rondte" slag means a hit, but it also means a

De rondte means "around" Basicly the point is to sail to all inhibited Dutch Islands without using

your engine, and only use sail power and/or other means of propulsion.

Also you can only use a compass and a chart for navigation. There are no

electronic aids allowed like GPS/plotter.

The objective is to do this in the fastest way, the order of getting to

the islands is all up to you, so you’re free to sail your own route.

The other rule is that the ship has to be a traditional sailing barge,

which is being used as a chartership. The ship also has to have the

certificates for chartering.

This year there where 7 ships attending, more can be read on the website

which is maintained by enthusiast people.

There is some english on the website, but this year there is

unfortunately no English translation, the previous years there was.

more info at http://www.lizier.net. And more pics here.