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We just received this and it would appear to be good news for the continuation of Flying Tiger. Unfortunately, there is a fair bit of cleaning up to do after the mess that the previous owners left, but, we know Tom and think he’ll do a good job.

November 6, 2009

Hiptrader, LLC, previous owner of the Flying Tiger line of sport boats, has completed the sale of all assets to the newly formed Flying Tiger Boats, LLC of San Diego California.

The announcement was made today by Tom Hirsh, President of Flying Tiger Boats. Mr. Hirsh was an early purchaser of the FT 10 and owns hull numbers 9 and 10. Over 100 FT 10 models have been sold since its inception. Our goal is simple says Mr. Hirsh; “to promote a fun, fast, well built, family orientated sport boat while continuing to offer future purchasers the best value in the marketplace”.

Flying Tiger Boats is committed to working closely with the Hansheng Yacht Building Company and Robert H. Perry, yacht designer to support existing owners and promote the growth of the worldwide class.

Currently, Flying Tiger Boats builds the Flying Tiger 7.5, Flying Tiger 10, and is developing plans for the new Flying Tiger 13.8.

For more information, please call Tom Hirsh at 619-889-9568 or visit FlyingTigerBoats.com.

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