TPYC Infighting

TPYC Infighting

We’ve never been big fans of the Transpacific Yacht Club, the organizing ‘club’ of the Transpac. Constant rule manipulations that have been biased in favor of the various Pyewackets over the years, lousy race management and PR that, among other things, has allowed for the creation and growth of the Pacific Cup, and maybe the single worst website in all of sailing. That such a hugely important race is run so bush league is incredible to us, so when a good pissing contest develops within this bunch, we’re glad to share it. This particular fight involves a vote of no confidence for the proposed commodore, allegations of incompetence which include overspending on a trademark filing to the tune of 10K, which is about half a years dues for the club, firings, and all kinds of fuckery. There is a big TPYC meeting tonight and it ought to be a beauty. Here’s the letter defending said would-be commodore, and here’s the letter condemning him. Good times.

Update: Here are letters being fired out by TPYC board members:

At 7:30 this evening the e-mail list of members was released from Mike Nash (who has been too busy) to Commodore Nordin at his insistence. Commodore Nordin has released this list to the board majority for its use and I am herein sending you a response to Tom Pollack’s letter you should have received earlier this week. It has been determined that Mr. Pollack went to the TPYC vendor (MAILSOURCE, Costa Mesa) last Friday and convinced the vendor he had the right to use the mailing list which of course he would only have with board approval which he did not have.

In any event attached is my response letter that presents the boards position. If you agree with the will of the board and wish to support the board I would be honored to be your proxy. You may also name Gil Jones, Jerry Montgomery, Jim Eddy, Roby Bessent or Chuck Cook as your proxy. Please fill out both the ballot proxy and the voting proxy and return to me either by fax or e-mail (scanned pdf file). Time is short.

Thank you for your consideration.

Al Garnier

We like this one the best:

Dear Transpac Member:

There have been confusing and competing lobbying efforts with regard to the election of Transpacific Yacht Club officers and directors for the 2009-2010 term. As an example, I received the following email this morning from a member:

"Bill, I trust in your judgement. What should I do? Mr Pollack contacted me and got my proxy saying that he was behind you. Is this correct or did I get tricked?"

Not hearing the entire conversation, I can’t be sure whether he was tricked or not.

But to clarify, I do NOT support Tom Pollack’s efforts to promote the slate with Tom Garrett as commodore.

I do support the slate which was voted by the board. This lists me, Bill Lee as commodore, Dave Cort as vice commodore, and Leslie DeMeuse-Disney as rear commodore.

Bill Lee
Transpac Member since 1973