One Kid At a Time

One Kid At a Time

Nick Hayes’ stories have illustrated much of what needs to be done to ‘save sailing,’ and Vernon Green’s post today is a great example of how we can each do our part.  Check in on the thread for more. 

This summer I met a 14 year old kid that had saved up all his birthday and christmas money to pay for a sailing class at my club. I was there helping and after talking to the kid realized he was really into the sport already and had a desire to race.

So for our last race of the season I called him up and invited him to sail with us, sure an extra untrained person would make us a little slower but anyone with the drive this kid has will be good for the sport.

I bought him a cheap pair of sailing gloves and included him in all the crew emails leading up to the race. The day before the race he came out and helped me and and the rest of the crew with some rigging and cleaning. He was practically bouncing off the walls and was asking the whole time what his jobs were gonna be.

Afterwards I talked with the rest of the crew and we figured out some good responsibilities for him.

Not only was he a great asset during the race to us he also helped launch other competitors boats and make lunches for the RC boat before the race.
In the end he had a blast, we took 3rd and he even got to trim the spinnaker on one leg.

Above is a picture from the race, you can see him grinning from ear to ear in the life jacket!

I urge everyone to take out some inexperienced sailors to build our sport, plus it was a lot of fun for me seeing him so excited!