m24 worlds


It’s Saturday morning of the 2009 Melges 24 Worlds, the last day of this six-day regatta, and all I can think is; "Today might be the day." Today might be the one day of the regatta that gives us conditions worthy of a World Championship. But then again, I said that about Tuesday. And Wednesday. I mean, what the hell is going on out here? I’m going to have to dig out my Captain Planet ring from the 90’s and call up the power Wind to try to do some good over here on the Chesapeake. I wonder where my boy Jose is with the Heart ring, because we could use some of that, too. 

You know things are slow when one of the highlights of your week is going for a yacht in no breeze. Carlo Vroon and his crew on the Netherlands boat Gelikt let me step on board after the racing on Thursday, and we drifted around playing games and having a good time. I never knew you could play Tag on a 24 foot boat, but it’s pretty much the greatest idea ever, now that I’ve done it. I don’t think I stopped laughing the entire time I was on board, which was good for me considering we’ve had so much going on this week and I’ve definitely been a little lost in the sauce. At least November starts tomorrow, which means that MY BIRTHDAY is coming soon, and if anyone was wondering, I would like a Melges 24, a pair of Kaenon UPD’s from Point Loma Outfitting, a tiki hut on a no-name island somewhere, a date with Petey Crawford, a Velocitek Speedpuck, world peace, a bullmastiff named Kuma, and a nap. I don’t think I’ve ever slept as little in a week as I have as part of OTWA.  Oh, and I like Heather Evans’ cakes, too. 

Back to talking about the weather, despite plenty of missteps (including mistakenly firing off a four-shot salvo from the starting cannon 4 minutes after the starting gun yesterday), the RC have somehow managed to get nine races off in this sorry excuse for breeze. Whether they should have gotten all nine off is for smarter people than me to decide.   But we’ll need three races today if the full 12-race schedule is to be filled, and hopefully they’ll go for quality, not quantity, and we can get back here in time to get our our Halloween costumes on. You guys might want to stay tuned today for mine…

Speaking of Halloween, HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD ABOUT OUR PARTY TONIGHT?!?!?! We’re having it here in Annapolis at a hot new place downtown called Level. It starts at 10PM, ends whenever they throw us out (2PM?) and the address is on West Street…Number 69.  Not kidding. We have great prizes to give away for the best costumes, including stickers, shirts, and a Velocitek – but only for those wearing costumes – so definitely be creative about it. I want to laugh so hard tonight that my Sailing Anarchy exclusive cocktail comes out of my nose. Did we mention FREE BEER?

On the water, this one is not quite over, but it’s going to be a long road for Rufo Bressani or Gabi Zandona to overcome Chris Larson’s 15-point lead.  Larson’s got a 12 for a throwout,  so if there was only one race today he wouldn’t even need to go out there.  But there will definitely be more than that, and as we’ve seen anything can happen here, so it’s going to be a blast to watch.  There’s plenty of drama too, with Nicola Celon filing a questionable protest against Uka Uka that was proven a total joke on a video replay, a Blu Moon team that is mathematically gone but threw two bullets up yesterday and made it look easy, and a Quantum Racing team that is firing on all cylinders finally. 

Despite our great friend and production dude extraordinaire Aaron Siegler having to leave early to attend his grandfather’s funeral we WILL be live out there on an Eastport 32, and it’s definitely going to be something to watch.  So check it out live, and go to the OTW forum to see all the highlights from the last five days and all the pics and recorded video today.

Anyway, I’m not going to recap yesterday – just check out the Day 5 thread or watch both races starting here (press ‘next clip’ to skip ahead). And remember that once again, we’ve outdone ourselves with the OTW Anarchy Cocktail Hour, which saw 5 of the hottest sailor chicks around sitting at the aforementioned new bar/restaurant throwing back drinks and answering questions from the hottest sailing photographer around, Meredith Block.  Check it out here

We love you, Aaron.