Bottom’s Up

clean report

Bottom’s Up

I don’t know why I still dive boats in the morning. I don’t need to, I don’t want to, but for some reason, I do. The worst part of it is that the four boats I’m diving here are at the far ends of the docking area, so I have to swim about a quarter mile total in nasty-ass Annapolis Harbor sludge. But polluted as it is, it feels better than the mixture of Team Barbarian supplied Jager bombs and stale cigarette smoke that I woke up with this morning. Plus, I get to clean my less-funded friends’ boats for free and it’s hardly an extra 4 minutes; maybe they’ll go faster today.

Anyway, I’m not going to recap yesterday – just check out the thread or watch the full race here (press ‘next clip’ to skip ahead), or watch Petey’s vid above. But you definitely should check out the best live OTWA ‘Cocktail Hour’ we’ve ever done – yesterday’s 40-minute show with tacticians (and SA junkies) Jonathan McKee, Bora Gulari, Dave Sliom, Diderich Bulter, Mark Ivey, Morgan Reeser, and Steve Hunt. Liz and the folks at EYC let us set up inside the big tent on huge leather couches holding our beers, and it was a great place to relax and talk about racing.

Which was far better than actually doing it, at least for most of the fleet yesterday, with an abortion of a race 7 in which 24 boats were called OCS, a bunch were not called OCS but were, and 5 boats never came back, unable to hear their numbers in the tumult of the broadcast of so many numbers. Those OCS boats include some of the real contenders here, and it’s a shame to see their World Title hopes dashed because a RC feels a need to bang off a race. But that’s Annapolis; if you wait for anything approaching fair sailing conditions, you might just never sail.

Our big announcements are more fun than much of the racing we’ve seen so far; the first is our live broadcast of tonight’s OTW Anarchy Cocktail Hour, which will feature the top Melges 24 sailor chicks on camera with questions asked by Mer. We all know you need to be damned good to succeed on a top boat in this fleet, but why is it that these damned good M24 sailor chicks tend to be so beautiful, fun, and witty, too? We’ll have Sarah Curran (WTF), Genny Tulloch and Jane Delashmutt (Simplicity), Meredith Allen (Uka Uka), Natalie Jade Ray (Millewa Miluna), and of course Amy Ironmonger, from Quantum Racing. We’ll start at 6 PM, so be sure to tune in, and remember that the Justin.TV chat screen is where you can ask any questions you want of our lovely and accomplished panel.

Our second announcement is part of our first; we’re doing the Cocktail Hour from a very cool tapas style bar/restaurant in downtown Annapolis that just opened last night, and the reason we’re hosting it there is to introduce people to the place we’re hosting the Sailing Anarchy Ultimate Halloween Party after the awards party in Eastport. We know there are five regattas going on in Annapolis this weekend, and we figured it would be nice to buy a keg and some drinks for all the Anarchists in the area from 10 PM to whenever. There’ll be a special entrance to the second floor of the restaurant, which we’ve rented out for the night. We’ll have signature drink specials (Anarchy Punch?) as well as a great DJ spinning on two turntables for all the girls to get their groove on. We don’t go anywhere without free shit to give out, but you’ll have to come in costume to be eligible for a Velocitek, Point Loma Outfitting/Patagonia, or RBS Batten prizes. They’re SWEET.

The place is so new it doesn’t even have a website, but it’s at 69 (that’s right) West Street, walking distance from City Dock.

Alright, off to the office.