Metre Me

Metre Me

Starting Monday Nov 1st, The Edison Sailing Center in Ft Myers is hosting the 2.4mR Worlds (ISAF approved) with 45 entrants from around the world. The Oct 28th, the US Nationals start, with 38 entrants, and will be a prelude to the Worlds.

2.4mR upwindI had a quick chat with Mark Bryant, the US builder and helping to organize the events.

MB: The 2.4mR is a most difficult boat to jump in and kick anybody’s butt. Like any other boat you need a great start and good racing mechanics.

SA: Are you saying the Star is not a difficult boat to win in?

MB: Not at all, I am saying, a new competitive Star is $100k in the water a new 2.4 is $12.5K in the water. This is a boat within reach of everyone. The most difficult part of this boat is watching some of the sailors get out of their wheelchairs and get in the boat and then KICK MY ASS. This is a boat that anyone can sail (no crew needed) and you will be a better sailor for it.

The Duponts sailingMark went on to tell me about Peter Dupont and his sons visiting Team Paradise Saililng and taking the day to sail the 2.4mR.

Mark Bryant and Magnus Liljedah of Team Paradise, set up the boats and gave a little instruction before turning them loose for a few hours of fun. After some fun sailing they got a few pointers now that they were familiar with the boats. Time to do a few short races and WOW…..Dad smokes the boys. Mark said "Peter showed speed and good judgment". More proof that the 2.4mR is a great boat for any age….male or female.  – Dawg.