I’m pretty damned entrenched in our live coverage of the Melges 24 Worlds here in Annapolis, but first I want to discuss a serious problem that I have. I know it’s weird, but I HATE getting off a plane and not being greeted at the airport. I get pretty anxious about it when coming to meet the OTW Anarchy crew for the first time, but when I got off my plane in B-more on Friday, Clean was waiting for me at the airport with my own pimp-ass Point Loma Outfitting ON-THE-WATER ANARCHY jacket already open and waiting for me to slip it on.  It was all I needed to get completely amped for the insane regatta that is about to take place.

While I’m on the subject of getting amped, you lucky readers will soon see footage of me spewing my guts out all over the upper Chesapeake Bay, largely because I got a little too amped on Friday night.  Team Simplicity threw a birthday party for one Bora Gulari, and I’m simply not going to talk about it too much.  You’ll all get to see the wonderful effects of it soon enough, which include a little performance of my body wholly rejecting food and fluids. Happy Birthday Bora – that was all for you and a little game we like to call "flip cup".  

Going out to test the internet and live feed Saturday worked out pretty well. We at least found out that it works in between hurling and bouncing around like corks in the short Chesapeake chop.  We also familiarized ourselves with the course; I’ve sailed the ol’ Thomas Point course enough, so I concentrated on learning as many bow numbers and crew names as possible. I can say that one good thing about the banging parties every night is that I got to connect the dots with the people that I’m covering on the race course, like the awesome Erik Shampain [who works for sponsor Ullman Sails Newport Beach]. I’m not positive, but I think Erik and I got in a slapping contest on Saturday night.   I’m pretty sure I got in a slapping contest with Eric on Saturday night, and after following his west coast exploits here on SA, it’s great to be able to follow him and WTF during the week.  I also found out last night that WTF tactician Steve Hunt was my old sailing instructor , a great influence in the old days no matter how many times he yanked the mast of my Opti over because I wasn’t getting enough capsize drills. Also, no one is an official badass until they’ve participated in a Watermelon Race. 

Can we talk about Team Barbarians now??? Oh my GAWD did they threw a wild party last night! All I really know is that I woke up with about six and a half "Team Barbarian" stamps on my body. The party was either a great success or yet another event where I ended up wearing a sombrero and river-dancing all night. Either way, I’m sure it was a great time. 

I feel the need to mention here that English muffins DO NOT MAKE GOOD FRENCH TOAST.  My bad. 

Anyways, many of you have asked what it’s like to work with Clean, Mer, and the OTW team.  The truth is that it is nothing like what I imagined. I’m not going to lie; I totally envisioned coming into a shit-show. I imagined epic chaos and rudimentary technology, maybe even some message-carrying pigeons and smoke signals. Fuck that. We have some great people out here, including Aaron Siegler, who has worked with COOLIO, and Petey Crawford, who used to shoot on the set of "24". Do I need to say more? We are presently walking through the valley of the shadow of death, and you guys may even hear me rap at some point this week. I’m pretty good with Reading Rainbow, anyways.

Stay tuned –  this is REAL and NEW, and you can keep it running in the background while your boss if yelling at you, which is more than you can say about spider solitaire. 

Huge thanks to all the great sponsors of this year’s Melges 24 Worlds coverage, especially Latis Yachting Solutions, Velocitek, and Point Loma Outfitting, whose gear Mer and I will be modeling on camera.  Be sure to tune in to the live coverage and forum updates for great discounts on sails, apparel, logistics, and electronics, and you have to watch to win great prizes that we’ve got for you all week long.  Racing starts at 10:30 tomorrow morning.

–Katie Burns