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From our bros on the Class 40 Keysource as they get their ass beat in the La Solidaire du Chocolat….

Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the support – been absolutely horrible – we lost all our B&G in the first 12 hours so not too sure how much breeze we had – all we have is our back up pilot which runs on it’s own compass and we can still get speed to read out. Makes it very hard to drive the boat on auto in these conditions but we’re getting through it.

Our position on the race track is terrible – to be honest our main priority has been getting through the horror show of the weather – both Mike and I (me in particular) have been feeling unwell an it’s horrible beating these boats in 50 knots and killer seas.

We were expecting 50knots again this evening but appear to have found a hole off the Portuguese coast – we maybe have only 10 knots but we are loathe to put any more sail up as the weather comes quickly and paranoid about not breaking the boat or ourselves. doing about 4 knots under 3 reefs – everything else tied down and double checked this afternoon – 5 retirements, 2 boats in port trying to repair and one guy who looks like he’s turned back – no joy in the coming days weather either…..

Hopefully in the next 24 hours we can start to focus more on racing rather than surviving and the chase will then be on – still over 4,500 miles to go.
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