Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

Yesterday we ran a piece on the hot new Arabian 100 trimaran, and today we get to focus on yet another hot prospect for the world of big crewed multihull racing; the Multi One Design.

While the A-100 is an evolution of a RTW multi, the MOD 70 is a different concept; more of a well behaved, slightly detuned ORMA 60.  The ORMA class produced probably our favorite all time racing boats; they were the Porsche 930 Turbo of the sailing world.  Incredibly overpowered, ultra twitchy, and capable of biting her driver with a second’s inattention, few spectacles were more awesome than seeing Groupama on her foils with a double reefed main and tiny jib tearing across the Bay Of Biscay with helicopters and high-speed RIBs in hot pursuit.

Organizers of the MOD pro circuit and class include a former director of the ORMA class, and sources say that up to five of the 70 foot trimarans are already funded for building.  We’ve heard that story before, but with world interest in bg multis at an all-time high, this one could really sprout wings, and we can’t wait to see it.

Check out a dry and somewhat dozy media kit here, and go to the website and click on "Watch MOD Video" for one of the most incredible sailing videos we’ve ever seen.  And we’ve seen a lot of ’em.