All Pink

All Pink

The pink little sprout that’s 16.year-old Jessica Watson set off today with a small flotilla of well-wishers on her attempt to be the youngest circumnavigator in history.  Unlike the uninteresting efforts of Mike Perham and Zack Sunderland’s recent stop-laden circumnavigations, Watson is going for all the marbles – unassisted and non-stop back to Sydney.

Whether she makes it isn’t really the point; one way or another, this little girl’s bright pink voyage has already created more world-wide interest than the other two kids’ trips, focusing a spotlight on ocean ‘adventure sailing’ that hasn’t been seen in a long, long time. 

If she does make it, solo sailing will seem infinitely more accessible than ever before. If she doesn’t, it’ll confirm the fears of a lot of experienced sailors who’ve said she’s a nutter or a tool manipulated by members of a publicity seeking family and media team.  Time will tell, but in the meantime, we say "sail fast, chick."

Departure video here. Long messy thread on Jessica’s trip here.  More pics and less shitfight here. This pic thanks to ‘nobody’.