Mini Moves

Mini Moves

While it may be silly to continue cheering for a 24th place boat, we’re way stoked to see Mini Anarchy continue to pull away from the other American boats in the Mini Transat, even the faster proto design of Jesse Rowse’s Reality Sailing.  Hell – we’re just happy to see enough US skippers in this great race for there to be a US battle at all!  You can read a great little interview with Chris from before the race here.

Track the boats here, read news reports in butchered English here, send a skipper a message here, and here’s an update from NAMT:

The Minis are continuing to enjoy good winds & runs of 190 -210 miles per day

There have been several boats making pit stops in the Cape Verde islands & 3 withdrawals.  Several boats report blowing spinnakers so sail selection for some will now be a problem in the final days.

In the series fleet Charlie Dalin continues to lead, Apolloni + 7, Mclaire +14 & Lobato still 4th has taken a few more miles off the leader to follow only 23 miles behind.

The US entries are maintaining their positions although Jesse has reported problems with inner forestay & has slowed allowing Craig to pass.  The rankings are Chris 23 & Jesse 25 in the protos & Craig 23 in the series fleet.  Chris leads the US trio with 1829 to finish, Craig +30, & Jesse 3rd +36. If Chris was racing in the series fleet he would be 17th…

Now comes the doldrums & a new spin of the roulette wheel.