The Sword and Orion

The Sword and Orion

As you may have learned on the front page this summer, Steve Clark recently revealed that he’s working on a new challenger to win back the Little America’s Cup (C-Class Cat Champs) from Fred Eaton and the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.  The boat will be called Tsurugi, the Japanese word for a double-edged sword, and the event will likely be held next summer in Newport. 

Steve’s enthusiasm and generosity with time, materials, and complete secrets largely kept the C-Cat Class – one of our absolute favorites – alive through some dark times, and things are looking damned good for the future.  The British Invictus team has a new toy they’ll be bringing to the dance, and with his usual dryness, Fred just announced that the Defender has a new toy as well:

"After the last event, when Off Yer Rocker proved her significant limitations, we put her in the shed and stepped up for a new set of hulls, which we named Orion and launched in time to sail a bit last year. We’ve now had the chance to sail her for a full season. Steve sent up his spies to check her out, so she’s no longer a secret.

To be clear, we practically invited Steve up to spy, so we’re happy they decided to look. After all, he let us look at his boat the first time around, and I felt it would be good to return the favour.

So from our side we are sailing Orion and Alpha. And PLVI will race one way or another.

I know, you’ll want pics. We’ll get to work on that…."

As the excitement for this event ramps up, the teams are working not only on their own boats, but they are actively encouraging cat enthusiasts to join the fun by buying or chartering one of the modern C-Cats that are now available.  Patient Lady VI and the formerly all-conquering Cogito could be convinced to attend if the right folks step up.  So what are you waiting for?

Join the thread and say your piece about these ultimate rides.