The entire sailing community remains stunned at the horrifying wreck of Shockwave/Pricewaterhousecoopers during Australia’s Flinder Island Race.  Anarchist PIL is back home and will clarify the events for us when he is ready, but for now he asks only that these two legends be respected and remembered.  You can do just that by adding your words to the thread, and Anarchist ‘desertdingo’ gives us an opportunity to remember with this beautiful eulogy:

Today I was in shock.  Andrew, who helped me in many, many ways when I was younger, died. 

I used to work for Andrew washing boats in his yard in Taren Point – I was a shit kicker, employed at Andrew Short Marine, the "home for lost boys" as it was called at the time as he was supporting so many young guys in the marine industry.

Andrew always helped me and the other lost boys; be it with money, airfares to regattas or just getting on the piss.  We would sail hard, party harder and kick arse and it was some of the best years of my life.

I sailed with andrew from when i was young and did my first Sydney-Hobart with him and his brothers Ian & Matt – both legends and friends for life. Andrew gave me so much it’s hard to write it all down – so I won’t.

The family is a strong one and I am so grateful to be a part of their circle. I am sure they will continue to be a driving force in sailing.

I can’t say enough good things about this guy, he was fucking hard but fair, and always gave his best no matter if it was business or pleasure. I don’t know anyone else who has puts his balls on the line as many times as Andrew.

Full credit to his parents, brothers, wife and children; they must be shattered, but I am sure they will come through because they are tough, just like Andrew was.

But lets not mourn the man.  Celebrate his life as I have done today. Andrew was a great guy and i will miss him.

Rum and cokes and champagne went down in his memory today, at a suitable pace that he would be happy with.

So fill ya glass and join with me in celabrating the life of Andrew Short.