Flight in the Canaries

Flight in the Canaries

The Mini Transat fleet is scattered throughout the Canary Islands, with boats tearing through all the major inter-island passages as well as to either side, and some stopping for repairs.  There’s some major separation going on at such an early point in the long leg to Bahia, but unstable weather has led to some big gambles and some big payoffs.

At the moment, Charlie Dalin’s Series boat is on the biggest flyer, well to the West of the main fleet, and the closest to Brazil.  But he may be later to the trades than the more Easterly boats, and with diverging weather models, much of the decision making comes down to who had the better pre-race model, and who sticks to their guns.

In the US mini battle, the good ship Mini Anarchy is once again proving to be the best Yank on the block.  Despite the conventional keel, smaller rig, and lack of carbon on his Nacira 6.50 (sailing in Proto instead of Series due to not enough Naciras being built before the event), Tutmark’s boat, in 29th spot, is about 12 miles ahead of both Jesse Rowse’s theoretically faster Proto and Craig Horsfeld’s Series boats. Anarchy stickers are clearly fast…

Our friend Kokopelli passed along some news from the Craig’s fully repaired mini, which you might recall arrived in Madera with a busted transom and rudder, courtesy of an inconvenient cetacean.

Koko wrote that Craig "received an incredible amount of help repairing his boat in Funchal. Thank you for everyone who contacted us with suggestions. The amount of offers and credible leads for help within 12 hrs of posting on the front page at SA where astounding! SA ROCKS!"

We think Craig and Chris (who as of this printing is 38 mile ahead of the next yank), and the rest of the ministas rock.  Track them here, chat about them here, and look for the latest news here.