big pimpin’


A new sailmaking group has just joined SA as our newest advertiser, Evolution Sails and here’s their deal:

Our Story: We are driven by the same passion that drives most sailmakers — the passion to build a better sail. Over the years we have stayed true to our passion. We are not a marketing group or a sales management organization – we are just a group of sailors who make sails.

Owning The Process: We focus on the design, materials, construction, fit, finish and performance of our sails. We are among the few sailmaking companies in the world that owns it’s own proprietary membrane production capability and can we string a sail and finish that sail in the same facility. This allows us to control every aspect of the process, and ensure that your sail is entirely Evolution from design to finish.

Truly Custom: This technology allows us to specify everything that goes into your sail — we don’t have to settle for available sail cloth choices that fit a range for your boat, but we can actually specify the film, fiber, layout and density that goes into your custom sail. Custom sailmaking has Evolved.