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Show Time

We’re bringing On-The-Water Anarchy to the 40th Annual US Sailboat Show in Annapolis this week – by far the biggest and most important US show of the year for manufacturers, dealers, and distributors of sailing gear nationwide.  Plus all those gypsies that sell amazing glue, George Foreman grills, Sailing World subscriptions, and flowbees to a captive audience of folks looking for shit they don’t need at a great price.

All kidding aside, this show can make or break a company, and with boat shows failing all over the country and sales, exhibitors, and attendance down at those that are still alive, this one is definitely big for the industry.  Will the numbers be down again?  Will new boat orders improve?  Are people buying anything at all in the US?

I’m headed North to find out, and as Andrew Dice Clay would say, "I’ve got a few…new…poems."  This time, I’m lugging the big camera up to do some live video webcasting from the show.  We’ll do our usual interviews and boat walkthroughs, but our live broadcast of the OTW "Cocktail Hour" with the champs, owners, tacticians, and hot sailor chicks at the Melges 32 Worlds was such a hit that we’ve decided to reproduce it at the boat show.  We don’t know exactly who we’ve got on tap for you, and we don’t know exactly where we’re shooting it from, but there’s always the Pusser’s bar if that’s what it comes to.  Our live coverage will start with a press conference with Harken, where we are promised some extremely exciting announcements about new products from the big manufacturer.  And then Thursday and Friday afternoon we’ll be bringing you a one or two hour show with some of the industry’s top dogs – about the state of the sailing industry, the new toys, and whatever the Anarchists are looking to find out.

So take a look at the exhibitor list, and if you’ve got a question about the boat show or an idea for someone who’d make a great guest, post ’em here.  And if you’re in the biz and want to share a drink with me and a few thousand SA’ers on live TV, let us know that too.

I’m also on a scouting trip for our upcoming 100% LIVE STREAMING coverage of the Melges 24 Worlds from Annapolis, which starts around the 21st of the month.  While organizers are struggling to get to the 60-boat mark and it looks like a local Lexus dealer just got the last-minute title sponsorship for a song, the entry list shows this to be perhaps one of the toughest top 15 of any Melges 24 fleet in history, chock full of the sport’s top pro helms and tacticians as well as some of the best sailor chicks and amateurs there are, as well as a very good social schedule to keep people busy when they’re not cursing the Chesapeake Bay. 

Meanwhile, our crew’s no slouch either – we’ve got pro videographers, editors, and photographers as well as some real surprise guest commentators and nowhere to stay yet – if you’ve got a house or boat that you can contribute to our effort, let us know! We’ve still got two or three slots open for folks looking to sponsor our coverage of what may be the most competitive keelboat event of the year, so if your company is looking for the world’s best bargain in sailing exposure and is sick of wasting money on print ads and inferior websites, drop us a line.