Amazing Birds and the Arrogant ISAF

race report

Amazing Birds and the Arrogant ISAF

Everything seems to be in order at the Platu 25 Worlds. Extremely tricky winds
are harassing approx 500 sailors. Pros mastering the fleet and Italian birds
hanging around the dock. Have to note that most astonishing chicks are
attending! Platu 25 class rules do not limit professionals in any way and thus
the technical level of the fleet is amazing. The YCPA, the home club of Luna
Rossa has offered great venue for the regatta. But enough of this
uplifting regatta mumbo jumbo.

What is interesting is that the jury decided to split the fleet of 93 Platu 25´s
in to two separate fleets. Why? Most of the pros truly chasing the World title
pressurized the authorities to split the fleet as they thought that this would
bring technically better races in more controlled surroundings. By delivering
these benefits it was argued that the element of luck would be decreased as the
huge length of starting line would not automatically decide boats side on
course. The counter argument could be that this should be taken account in one’s

Decision to split the fleet was made driven by italian ISAF big gun
Luciano Giacomi. At the skippers meeting many sailors were astonished about the
change, as they had come to Punta Ala because of the possibility to do amazing
one design starts. Giacomi was asked: how the fleet will be split? This was
important questions as the participants in different fleets should have equal
possibilities in winning the world title. The answer was following: “You all
have a young boy on board – ask him and he will explain you”. Many other good
questions were asked and they were answered in similar manner. 4 races are done
and nobody knows how the fleets are split. Arrogant? Adding value? More pics by Jesus Renedo.