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Shine On

Glowfast Marine has joined Sa as our newest advertiser. They make some pretty interesting products – check it out…

Luminous Rope Clutch Labels from the Performance Team at Glowfast Marine.
Perfect for racing or cruising Glowfast Luminous Rope Clutch Labels charge with 10 minutes of sunlight and glow for 20+ hours. They are made with the same cutting edge technology as Glowfast Luminous Draft Stripes, so not only are they super cool, they’re also purpose built to withstand the harsh marine environment.

Glowfast Luminous Rope Clutch Labels allow your crew to quickly identify the correct rope clutch during the day and at night without impacting night vision by using a torch, increasing accuracy, speed and minimising costly damage and potential injury caused by crewmembers not being able to identify the correct rope clutch clearly at night. they come in four sizes to suit all rope clutches – Slimline, Small, Medium and Large. Glowfast recommend Slimline if you’re looking for something to fit your Spinlock XAS clutches. Custom rope clutch labels are also available.

To purchase Glowfast Luminous Rope Clutch Labels go to www.glowfast.com or check out our Stockists page for a chandlery near you.