SA Worlds

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SA Worlds

The Ed’s report on the SA Worlds is coming, but we thought it would be interesting to hear the story from one of the competitor’s perspective…

Well, after a few days of being semi "reporter girl" at the Viper NA’s only two weeks ago now, it sure was nice to get over to San Diego last weekend and rip it up in one of the more fun regattas I’ve been able to do this year! The overall atmosphere and vibe during the entire weekend was very low key with lots of friendly people who I’m sure were looking forward to seeing how all these sporties were going to stack up against each other in the end.

Both days the South Bay area provided a great place for trying to herd cats, and we had perfect sunny weather the entire time! I was fortunate enough to pick up a last minute ride on a California Viper with Glenn & Nigel who welcomed me with open arms as they still hadn’t found a third yet. Though the three of us had not sailed together before, things went very smooth with crew work, even when it hit the fan once or twice. After all, we did win the Viper fleet and placed 3rd in PHRF B! Had it not been for one seriously pesky Melges who we couldn’t shake and who also nearly took us out at a leeward gate rounding, we might have done better in the overall standings, but who knows for sure. Apologies to the Open 6.50 that we almost took out due to the "Melges incident." the video and above is Da-Woody’s shot. Oh well, good times.

Of course the Saturday night party was fun, had a tasty selection of food, and even a band, but how cool of Dave Ullman to do a chalk talk! I bet that nice little bar they had in the Club saw some pretty good revenue as well, maybe most of it from Schoonerman and his tequila? Hey Ed, you might want to be thinking now about a bigger party location for next year for all the people that will be showing up when the word gets around about how much fun everyone had! …if it hasn’t already that is.

As the weekend wore on, I heard comments about it being more shifty than usual and that was why there were sometimes delays in getting us started. Kudos to the race committee for a good job in keeping up and getting things rolling as quickly as they could, even when a certain Striped Tiger decides to move the start line a bit further out himself! Next time though, let those Tigers chase their own tails at the back of the sequence when they can’t get a start off! …to be fair though, PHRF B fleet had some general recalls of our own, just not as many!

As far as how close the U20’s, Open 5.70’s, Vipers and a few Misc boats were, I can only speak from where I was. I remember them all at the start, but shortly after we seemed to only be contending with the Thompson, Open 6.50, Melges and a few other Vipers. Mainly it seemed to be us, the Thompson and the Open 6.50 always close at the marks and tightly finishing together which made for some fun racing as we tried to eek out every ounce of speed we could to keep up with those guys. Jeez they were fast! In the end, our weekend ended with 3 bullets, a 2nd, 5th, and an 8th, and we knew we had it wrapped up for our fleet. What I didn’t know was that I was going to be swept off my feet and carried up to the stage to accept the trophy! Remind me later to kick their butts for that spontaneous move…

As always, many thanks are in order to the friendly folks from the Coronado Yacht Club, the Sponsors for all the great swag, Dave Ullman for the chalk talk and the coaching session to be done, RC folks, Scot for putting this all together, and any other people I might have missed. A job well done, see you next year! Pics by Da-Woody here,