The Over 30 Crowd

bora the explorer

The Over 30 Crowd

Our old pal and Moth World Champ Bora Gulari became the first mothie to sail faster than 30 knots on Sunday, with a GPS log that shows two-second averages of 30.31 knots.  Despite crushing the fleet in the biggest event of his life, Bora is certainly not resting on his laurels, and with the 2010 Dubai Worlds rumored to be a very well-funded event with a new and feline title sponsor, the winner should get the kind of exposure guaranteed to make careers for those who show well.

Bora’s also started his blog up again, and his first post is advice to the rest of the world on ‘how to win."  Here’s an excerpt:

Michael asked me to write about the Top 3 things that make a difference. My gut is to answer like this:

1. Time in the boat
2. Time in the boat
3. Time in the boat

I am sure that is not the answer most people are looking for, but it is the truth in my mind. I asked Nathan the same questions and his responses were as follows, I will give my take on them since I agree fully.  Read on