Bay Bea


Bay Bea

Through a miraculous and intriguing series of events, the Bonneville School of Sailing and Seamanship has been the recipient of the impressive SORC ocean racing yacht, Bay Bea. Designed by Sparkman & Stephens, for Patrick Haggerty, (founder of Texas Instruments), this 50-foot, aluminum hull thoroughbred, has now found its way to the unlikely location of Utah Lake State Park, in Provo, Utah.

Built in 1968 for the Victoria to Maui International Yacht Race by Palmer Johnson of Sturgeon Bay, the boat was raced “aggressively” from 1968 to 1971. During that time, Bay Bea fought its way to 12 first-place finishes, eight second-place slots and 43 in the top 10.

We would like to request any information your expansive readership audience may have regarding Bay Bea, from past crew members, fellow competitors, shipwrights, riggers, sail makers, news reporters, historians, photographers, archivists, or fans.

Our plan is to bring Bay Bea back to her original 1968 racing configuration, and any historical information would be of great value to the project. To accomplish this restoration, we want to involve at risk youth, as well as our land locked inner city kids and underprivileged populations, who may never get to experience a maritime activity. (Jump in the thread if you have any info – Ed)

Todd Frye
Bonneville School of Sailing and Seamanship
[email protected]