Tail End Charlie While

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Tail End Charlie

While we are absolutely certain that the level of sailing ability at the SA Worlds is going to be alarmingly high (high being the operative word), but having said that, somebody has to come in last. Or likely to have a bad day.

Since regattas usually only reward the winners, we thought we’d offer something for the anti-winner. Jon "Bueno" Rogers, Head Coach of the CYC Junior Sailing program, Snipe, J/22 and J/24 World Champion crew, will be on the water observing on Saturday. He’ll identify the boat that he feels could use a bit of help, and then go out sailing with that boat Sunday before the racing starts to go over some of the issues that he observed.

If it turns out to be your boat, don’t be offended – be happy! It is the rare opportunity for a skilled sailor like Jon to observe you sailing and then come on board for some free coaching. Just another thing we are offering at the ISAF to make it a good experience…

We now have the sailing instructions available. Click here to download and print a copy. You’ll note a few twists from the norm – what, you were expecting something different? Primarily, we don’t want to have protests. We hate them, think at least 80% of them are pure bullshit and have written the SI’s so that we don’t have to suffer them if we so choose. Settle your differences on the water, on the water. We’ll all be better off for it.