Sporty IRC!


Sporty IRC!

Scott Duncanson, of the Phuket Sports 8, shares something interesting:

This video was taken during the recent Phuket Race Week, where we finished 4th overall on IRC (hence the pin-head main, we have a nice 5 foot square top for sportsboat racing) which is not a bad effort for a 7.8 metre sports-boat. The next smallest boat in the division was a Farr 40. In the video we were ‘cruising’ at 14-15kts in about that much true, chasing down the ‘miners’ up ahead. Scored a second overall IRC in this race and were pipped by a Hughes-Wellbourn 52.

Pity about that new hull-hollow rule!!! (We were slapped with a 1% increase in TCF before the event. I quizzed Mike Irwin at RORC and was advised it was because of hull-hollow (concave topsides) which are now being considered in the calculation of ‘hull-factor’ Not being completely convinced I took to the SA forum (where else?) to get some answers and found out that the new measurement was in due process but wouldn’t be applied until 2010. It would seem they took the measurements from my RORC SBR certificate and applied it to the IRC calc before it was officially introduced. Maybe we’re the crash-test-dummy?)

Not to fussed about it really, IRC is an arbitrary rule, simple as that, and in my opinion not much better than any ‘club’ handicap system. Hard to believe the millions of dollars that people are prepared to throw at racing a mathematical formula that’s constantly on the move!! Having said that it appears to be extremely well run, produces reasonable types of boats for the masses and is a whole lot better than the ‘pigs’ that came out of IOR and IMS. Good luck to them.

Note the forestay sag, it continues to amaze me how these backstay-less rigs stay up with 1000 sq ft M/H chutes!