Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation

Another installment of Melges 32 Worlds reports from one of the hottest sailor chicks in the world, the talented and sexy Molly Baxter from Argo Racing.

Ciao from lovely Sardinia!  Team Argo has settled in nicely to an adorable villa about ¼ mile from the yacht club, and our first mission was to get past the weigh-in – not an easy task since we added a ninth crewmember!  We were still 27 pounds over the day before, so we all took a long run and went into dehydration mode. Sally, our chef, made us a healthy and unfulfilling meal, and then it was straight to bed with no water.  Wake up and it gets worse – no water and go for another run!  Not healthy, not happy – one of our crew even hurled during the run, and everyone else was weak and dizzy. 

But our mood improved when skipper Jason surprised us all with 9 sets of skimpy boy shorts with "Argo" printed on the back.  Very Euro; not quite underwear, not quite shorts, and Julie and I got hooked up with cute matching bikini tops.  As we stripped down for weigh-in, it was fun to look around and see the jaws drop – I thought Italians in Porto Cervo would be harder to shock, but I guess our extremely tight little outfits did just fine – and we made weight! 

We crushed about a case of water bottles and then were treated to the biggest and best brunch ever; bacon and egg sandwiches, pasta with salmon – simply awesome.  We all rested for an hour before a short practice, and then it was back to the villa for another incredible dinner and local wine – lots of wine…

One thing led to another and, before we knew it, we were at the world famous Clipper sipping suds with other sailors from the event – fending off SA’s perverted reporter and drinking until the wee hours.  As you’d expect, the next morning was a bit rough, and Sally drew some belly laughs when she asked if she should make breakfast for the three ‘friends’ who’d followed us home and slept on our couch.  Given the human-sized hole in one of the bushes out front, they clearly were in no state to walk back to their place, let alone drive!

Today was our second day of practice, and we had a beautiful five hour sail in very shifty conditions with breeze ranging from 4 to 12 knots.  About half of the fleet (15 boats or so) were out doing practice starts while the other half had their measuring appointments on shore.  The radio voice was almost incomprehensible, and our radio monitor passed along what he thought he heard.  "They just said something about someone’s sister," he said just before the apparent call for four minutes.  Then at what we thought was one minute, everyone started.  Oh, well!  But we had a great practice, speed testing with Mascalzone Latino upwind and down, and just having a ball in the crystalline waters of Sardinia.  Does it get better than this?  (Signore Onorato, Julie and I simply love your jackets and would love two in a size small per favore…)

Tuesday is the practice race followed by the skipper’s meeting and the welcome cocktail party, and we’re almost ready for the main event.  Bring it on, I say!

And if you like our stories, please be sure to watch On-The-Water Anarchy for much more.  And for a real treat, check back at the end of the week for the pics of Julie and me in those boy shorts and bikinis; they were supposed to be private, but Clean is extremely bad at taking ‘no’ for an answer…