What’s It Rate?

What’s It Rate?

From Bruce Williams, the man behind a movement for a new  rating rule.

Many of you have had a good look at the proposed rating formula, some have requested copies of working models for review, numerous test pages have been illustrated to show a very close link to established rating systems, and some have even given positive support to the regression process and idea itself!

Detailed formula’s have been provided for Hull, Rig, Overhang and Transom Factors, and make all inputs purely “measurement based” and no need for over-rides or fudges.

It has taken “size scaling” out of comparative ratings, in that any size yacht has a chance to do well if yacht is well prepared and sailed with a good crew, and not a forgone conclusion that “rating” steps for LWP or MBS call the approximate results (in mixed fleets ),before even cross the start line.

While this Keelboat Rating model is designed to be a “Club Level” model , it takes does out most of anomalies of existing rating systems and levels rating # to be a very close approximation of relative speed over course comparatives…. yacht-on-yacht!

If just wish to use “as is”, will work for most Club C/R fleets, but would have a lot more substance if had enough support to develop as an open source  “International Club Rating” to be used with same methodology by clubs world-wide.

Should the membership deem it necessary, it would be possible to apply for  ISAF “rating” status  in the future, as complies with requirements…..“which are based on measurement and scientific formulation available to all certificate holders”.

The threshold to make this work would be a minimum of 25 yachts competing on a regular basis in each of a minimum of six ISAF Member National Authorities regions.

Any Club Handicapper or Racing Authority requiring a template of formula in excel format, to send me a mail and will forward by return.
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