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Phil’s Foils For You

For those of you who don’t know, Phil’s Foils (and Phil, aka Foilman) also do lots of other cool stuff in composites.

Of course we still turn this . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .In to something like this

Sirius 28 rudder after splitting apart.

A beautiful carbon/epoxy lay-up around a custom CNC milled core and carbon post, faired and painted to highest standard.

What else have we been up to at CCI??

  1. C.W. Hood 32 (fast & pretty boat by a well respected builder/designer). The full rudder system including foil, carbon post, tiller head, carbon/clearcoat tiller and bearings by Jefa (yes, we stock these)
  2. Summit 35 – we make the carbon posts, wheel pedestals, tillers, tiller heads and supply & fit the bearings. This boat is lovely and the first ones are hitting the water now.
  3. Laser tillers – a class legal, very sexy looking (in our twisted opinion), stiff & value based alternative. These are hollow, carbon/Kevlar, clear coat & very cool. Fitted with tiller extension saddle, blade hold down block and black butt for accurate fitting in to your headstock. Retail at $199 CDN. Talk to us or Fogh Marine for supply.
  4. Melges 24 spin block covers – clear coat carbon covers to stop those spin sheets getting where they shouldn’t. These are $120 CDN retail. Talk to APS & Fogh Marine for supply.
  5. J-24 Carbon spinnaker poles – we have been doing structural carbon tubes for some time for rudder posts and now we do the ubiquitous carbon poles too. Call us for your spec here!

You can see more of our work at www.fastcomposites.ca , email Dave or give us a call at (613) 599-6951 to discuss your needs. Upgrade your boat instead of flipping it with our products – you wont be sorry.