Blue Blazer Battle

Blue Blazer Battle

While there is something intrinsically rewarding to the rest of us to see really rich dudes radically overpay for a Swan interpretation of a Beneteau, there are few things less interesting to us than a Swan 42 regatta.  But we have to give credit where credit is due, and the blue-blazers at the New York Yacht Club have managed to pull something pretty cool together this week, with 19 teams from 14 countries competing in a largely amateur affair in Newport at the NYYC Invitational Cup. With the crew composition strictly controlled by the organizers, this ain’t no Grand Prix sailing, which should make the regatta more of an honest competition of nation vs. nation and club vs. club than about who’s got the best paid pro and “gardeners.”  The Club Sandwich 42 rigs have all been tuned identically, and even the sails are controlled – all suits are owned by the NYYC.

What’s even more interesting to us is the tracking solution that’s been implemented for the NYYC event – our old friends from Kattack have finally put something into action that we first talked to them about on the On-The-Water Anarchy boat at Key West 2007; their fully live tracking system! This will be their first event, so if you feel like watching overpriced and rebadged Beneteaus racing round the buoys for the pride of their nation and club, be sure to check it out (it’s actually pretty cool). And of course there is a thread

And we’ll see if we can’t get Kattack to cover something a bit more exciting next month…

(and thanks to 2high2tight for the opening line). Photo courtesy the race event.