Clean Up

Clean Up

We announced that SA’s ISAF regatta will be the first California event to be certified as a Certified Clean Regatta, and some of you wondered what that means.  Fortunately, SA’er “clwgr”, the Executive Director of the program, weighed in on the forum:

As the Executive Director of Sailors for the Sea, it’s heartening to see so much positive support for the program, as well as some great questions that give us some ideas on how to improve it.

Clean Regattas is a third party certification program that helps regattas, yacht clubs and sailing programs voluntarily achieve higher environmental standards. Participants have the option of choosing a Bronze, Silver or Gold level of engagement, and work to fulfill each of the requirements necessary to be certified at that level. Sailors for the Sea provides support and materials and the final certification that a club or event is a Clean Regatta.

The list that Clean has posted above are the requirements to achieve a Bronze Level certification.  You can find the full list for Bronze, Silver and Gold at www.cleanregattas.org, and some of you will be happy to note that there is an item addressing 2-stroke engines, as well as carbon credits, which you can calculate and purchase through our carbon calculator here.

The fundamental concept behind Clean Regattas is to reduce the overall waste that we generate, and that ends up in the oceans.  Hopefully some of you will be able to take the program to your clubs, programs and events!  We also welcome any kind of feedback that will help us continue to improve the program.

We’re very excited to be a part of the first annual Sailing Anarchy International Sportboat Anarchy Festival. It’s very convenient that we have a built-in mascot for the program in Mr. Clean as well!  You can learn more about Sailors for the Sea and our other programs here:

We hope to see all of you on the water or around the docks.